Translation of documents and its importance in times of coronavirus

The translation of documents has gained an even bigger importance with the new coronavirus crisis. After all, due to the pandemic, the communication between governments had to find new ways to be made. Also, researchers from all over the world are looking for means of exchanging information on new discoveries.

            Especially in areas such as pharmacology and medicine, this service has become indispensable. Besides them, the press is also demanding the access to several documents on the pandemic. In the face of it, in this post we will discuss how the translation of documents has helped in the fight against the virus.

What is the relevance of the translation of documents?

            In March this year, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared a pandemic status in Brazil. Since then, the urgency for exchange of information between countries has been crucial to find solutions for this new disease. From that, we may see the relevance of the translation of documents.

            This service has been achieving a very important role to officially validate a number of documents. And, with the social distancing established by the WHO, the translation with digital signature has also become a trend. Thus, physical contact with not required to authenticate paperwork.

            With this new format, it is also possible to exchange information by email throughout the world. That is why many studies on the coronavirus are being made available by researchers from different locations. Also, it is with this mechanism that new information on the status of the disease is released.

How the translation with digital signature works

            The translation of documents with digital signature brings speed. With this, it is possible to have a much easier exchange of information between countries. It is important to also consider that expenses and resources for this will be reduced. After all, everything is done via internet now.

            Using a digital signature in this case is fundamental to prove the authenticity of the document. So, the transmission of data proves to be reliable. Also, the encryption applied to this system does not allow cases such as plagiarism or forgery of information, which would lead to a real issue.

            However, as in the conventional translation of documents, this one may only be signed by qualified professionals. It means those who are enrolled and duly registered with the Trade Board in their state of origin. This helps in bringing seriousness to the document.

            Finally, it is important to remember that this digital signature is legally recognized. For this reason, it must be within its valid term. Meaning that it must not be expired, suspended or revoked. So, it is important to always check your digital certificate, which shows in all the documents issued in this way.

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