How the audio transcription works in companies

Understanding how the audio transcription works may be a difficult task. After all, how do some talks become publications just a few days later? This happens due to transcription services, made by expert professionals, who have a vast knowledge in languages.

            This work is exactly the opposite of audio description. While this one converts texts to audio, transcription converts everything that was said to text. However, this work involves a number of steps to reach this point. In today’s post, we will discuss how audio transcription works in translation companies.

How is audio transcription done?

            There are various ways that allow to understand how audio transcription works. But, put simply, it is a process where you can transform what was said in a text. And this work is much used by journalists, sectors of the economy and also in many conferences.

            When it is done manually, audio transcription may be a little exhausting. However, currently there are several tools that facilitate this work. So, it is also possible to add subtitles and offer some accessibility to the content. With them, it is also possible to reduce the chances of mistakes in the material.

            It is worth emphasizing that there are also professionals who are experts in audio transcription. They are known as stenographers, who operate machines called “stenotypes”. These machines have 24 keys that may be pressed simultaneously. So, when combined, they may form words in just a few seconds.

            Regardless of the format, every audio transcription has to go through a revision. That is why the files are sent to an editor, who will check the presence of mistakes. The editor also corrects gaps and common mistakes are may happen. And, only after all this, the file is sent to the customer.

Como funciona a transcrição de áudio nas empresas

Its importance in the sectors

Now that we have seen how audio transcription works, we ask, what is the importance of this service? Well, in general, it is essential to allow the content to reach the largest number of people. In translation companies, for example. it may reach different languages.

            Let’s imagine the following situation. In a talk or conference of large scale, the presenter speaks just in one language. However, with audio transcription, everything that was said in the event will be later published on a website. So, everyone will be able to access the written content, which may be translated several times to various other languages.

            Additionally, understanding how audio transcription works is of utmost importance to understand accessibility. As we said above, with this we can guarantee that the relevant content will reach everyone who is interested and wish to know about it.

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