Sworn translation is indispensable for official documents

Sworn translation is the most efficient way of translating documents. It is one of the most important modalities that exist, once it ensures the legal authenticity of records. Without it, it wouldn’t be possible to have documents written in foreign languages translated to Portuguese, and vice-versa.

            Contrary to literary texts, which may be translated by people who feel capable of doing so, sworn translating requires expert professionals. It is the only one that may require the legal validity of documents, reproducing them truthfully. In this post, we will discuss the importance of this form of translation and how it works.

What is sworn translation?

            Sworn translation is the only one that states that your documents were truthfully translated. It is responsible for confirming that what was converted to other language does not have any type of change, and is, therefore, true. That is why it is so important for the legal area.

            In order to confirm this truthfulness, it is necessary to hire a professional translator. These may be known as public translators or commercial interpreters. They are people who were approved in competitive exams and are duly registered in the Board Trade of your state. This qualifies them to translate documents that require full appropriateness.

            If you are planning a trip or need to solve pending matters overseas, you will need to present some documents. However, in order to be legal also in the country of destination, they need to be translated. That is when you must hire a sworn translation service to help you.

Documents that require sworn translation

            There are various documents that require sworn translation services to be considered legal. This type of translation will be indispensable for marriages overseas, in order to legalize them in the desired country, for example. Or to be able to translate death certificates that were issued in other location.

            Among the main documents that require this type of translation, we highlight civil documents, including birth and marriage certificates and divorce decision. Personal documents such as identity card, driving license, professional accreditation (CRM and OAB) and also passports.

            Also, judicial documents, as proceedings and power of attorney, need sworn translation to be registered. Finally, financial and administrative documents are in this list, such as articles of incorporation, company by-laws, tenders, agreements between employees, and many others.

Other functions that this type of translation performs

            In addition to translate documents in truthfulness, sworn translation also has other types of attributions. These professionals are authorized to work in places such as registry offices and in locations where there is the need to interpret texts in other languages than the native one.

            Sworn translation may, for example, make the purchase of real estate by foreigners official. They are also able to register foreign children who were born in Brazil. This role encompasses a wide range of activities, being considered as extremely important in several situations. So, consult a sworn translator when you need.

            Here at Brazil Translations you may find specialized and qualified interpreters to support you, regardless of the situation. Don’t miss the opportunity to consult our services and know which one best applies to what you are looking for at the moment. We make ourselves available!

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