Translation company: why hire one?

A translation company is usually present in our daily lives even if we don’t realize that. Its main function is to perform written translation, simultaneous interpreting, text revision and even video subtitling. However, many people are still not aware of the advantages in hiring a service like this.

            The option of automatically translating with the tools available on the internet is very popular and, sometimes, it works. However, more complex sentences or with double meaning end up incorrectly translated. In this post, we will discuss the importance of a translation company and why you should hire one to assist you.

The importance of a translation company

            The importance of a translation company is exactly in offering a specialist service with quality. The conventional tools do not have such a great knowledge on the desired language. So, they are not able to differentiate words that have more than one meaning.

            The professionals from a translation company generally live in the country of the target language, or at least lived there at some point in their lives. So, they know not only the language, but also the culture and traditions of the place. That is why they can create expressions that are close to our way of speaking more easily.

            Translating a language goes way beyond switching equivalent words. In an interview to Nexo Jornal, Adauri Brezolin, lecturer at the Department of Languages and Translation of the Methodist University, says that “the process of translation does not involve only the linguistic aspect, the main basis of these tools; this process also involved the decision making by a professional well versed in the relevant languages, paying attention to the extralinguistic characteristics of the text (…)”.

What are the advantages of this service?

            Professional and commercial translation is a real disaster if not performed by an experienced professional. With that in mind, Brazil Translations blog listed some of the main advantages in hiring a translation company. Check them out:

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Technical diversity

            When we are dealing with technical, medical or legal translations, a translation company is practically indispensable. For this type of service, you shall count on professionals that have the knowledge in these specific areas. This means that your content will always be dealt with by the most qualified people to produce it. So, your translation will be as truthful as possible.

Quick delivery

            The deadline is a very important matter when we refer to translations. In general, the documents have to be ready quickly. So, a translation company may be your best choice, as it counts on a wide network of professionals. Thus, it is capable of meeting large demands within the preestablished deadlines.

Variety of languages

            In offices, it is normal to have documents that demand more than one language as, for example, English and Spanish. So, two types of translation are required. In this sense, a translation company is beneficial as it already works with a great variety of languages, according to your needs at that moment.

Follow-up of the production

            One of the main reasons to hire a translation company is the possibility of following up on the status of the service. This way, it is possible for the customer to see how the project is, and also give their input. Also, it is possible to have an estimate of when it will be ready, taking into consideration the steps already completed.

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