Why is subtitling videos so important these days?

Why is subtitling videos so important these days?

Subtitling videos has become an indispensable practice in these days. But do you know the main reason for this? Well, according to research made by Digiday, around 80% of the videos on Facebook are watched with sound off. This means that, if your video is not subtitled, there is a great chance that it won’t be watched.

            Contrary to what many people think, films are not the only ones that require subtitles. It is also important to find them in advertising on TV, institutional videos and also short videos on media. But do you know the real importance of all this? In this post we will show you the reason!

Understanding the importance of subtitling videos

            Explaining the importance of subtitling videos is very simple. This service aims to considerably increase access and the reach of videos. Also, it has a crucial role in making sure that the content may be understood by everyone. Even in other languages.

            Video subtitling also gives an impression of seriousness to those who produced it. This means that it gains an aspect of a well-made and well-finished video. So, it gains preference among users, compared to those that do not have subtitles, in order to be watched.

            The act of subtitling videos makes a difference in the lives of many people. After all, in Brazil there are around 32,121 people with hearing disability, according to MEC (Ministry of Education). So, considering this practice in your audiovisual productions is more than necessary.

How does the subtitling process work?

            Subtitling videos is part of one of the translation processes. It may be performed directly from the audio or video script, or with professional translators. With this second option, it is possible to count on specialist companies that will assist you in making your content as truthful as possible.

            Also, video subtitling with professionals allows to adjust the texts to correct expressions in each language. Including also jargons and other words that exclusive to a specific nationality. So, as in all processes, subtitling videos demands some proper standards and techniques. See below step by step:

  • Marking: this first step is responsible for identifying the start and end of each subtitle. So, it is possible to appropriately synchronize them to the audio of the video.  It is when the minimum and maximum times for duration of each scene are calculated.
  • Translation: this is the moment to translate what was said in the video to the chosen language. Generally, translation companies are chosen to participate in the most adequate choices for words.
  • Simulation: it is when the tests start to see how the video really ended up. So, the translated subtitle is inserted in the video to check if everything is synchronized. Also, it is important to check if there are no repetitions.
  • Correction: it is usually the most important part of the project. Mistakes are corrected and parts that need improvement are assessed. There may also be adjustments to the text, so it better fits the video.

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