Scientific translation and its benefits to technical texts

            Scientific translation is a specialist work, performed by professionals capable of delivering the expected results. Contrary to the literary translation, for example, this type of text has articles and technical content that require a wide vocabulary. For this reason, it demands a deep research and verification work, in addition to the translation per se.

In order to find the scientific translation service, you need to count on a good translation company. It is the only one that will have the appropriate professionals and most prepared to assist you. In today’s post, we will discuss this form of translation, how it works and the benefits in hiring it.

What is scientific translation?

            Scientific translation is in a category of high proficiency level. Thus, the responsible to perform it masters now only the languages, but also technical expertise on the topic. In summary, it is a text of impeccable writing, which brings words and expressions of the area.

            This type of translation also requires more time than the others. This is due to the fact that is deals with texts that require more care. So they shall meet the coherence and cohesion requirements and, above all, take information that is clear and objective to the target audience.

            Some of the main areas that demand the use of scientific translation are medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, psychology, engineering and social sciences. In academia, this type of translation also is performed with doctoral theses, master dissertations or even with academic articles.

The main differences of this type of translation

            The main difference of a scientific translation from other types of translation is its fidelity to the material. This means that, in literary texts for example, there is the freedom in using words or expressions that adjust better to that language. In the scientific translation, terms shall be completely faithful and the expressions shall not deviate from their meaning.

            Additionally, the content created by scientific translators shall also be approved by their customers. This is to ensure that all sentences are aligned to the original paragraphs, not allowing any ambiguity. Thus, it guarantees that all required information is present in the text.

The benefits of the scientific translation

            Without doubt, the most important benefit of scientific translation is the quality it offers. Hiring this service will give you the assurance of a material produced with all the care and attention it requires. Moreover, you will also have the guarantee that it will be delivered according to preestablished deadlines.

            Scientific translation, when hired through a translation company, allows you to follow all the steps of the production process. This means that you will participate in the revisions and be consulted all the time, until it reaches the final step. Finally, this type of service protects your information, in order to keep them confidential.

            So, always be aware when hiring your translation company. It should work with different languages, as well as have professionals with knowledge in diverse areas. This way, it will recommend the one who is more appropriate to meet your needs.

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