Technical translation and its application to segments 2

Currently, linguistic services have an extremely important role in our daily life, both personally and professionally. Technical translation stands out as one of the services with largest growth in the market, with a role that is vital in various segments.

As it is an activity that encompasses several areas, naturally technical translation may be applied to different segments, such as healthcare and chemical, for example.

Before we effectively discuss to which areas technical translation may be applied, it is important to know also the concept behind this linguistic service.

What is technical translation?

Technical translation is a service that consists of translating texts with technical language in specific topics.

The themes to be translated vary according to the segment and the application, encompassing areas such as law, medicine, chemistry, physics, astronomy, and many others.

The great differential of the technical translation is in the approach of the service, as the purpose of the translation shall be taken into consideration, as well as its execution and target audience.

After all, a technical translation of good quality shall take into consideration several factors, the main one being the equivalence of terms.

That is, the professional in charge, in this case the technical translator, when translating the original language, shall look for terms and words that are equivalent, to deliver a precise, professional translation, that is true to the original.

Therefore, technical translation is a service that must be done by high quality professionals, as it relies on a specialized language, based in specific terminologies of each language.

Technical translation and its application to segments


Medicine is an area that goes through constant changes. That is, innovations arrive all the time, from everywhere and in several languages.

We know that many of the discoveries in medicine come from other countries. Therefore, it is essential to count on the support of a technical professional, who is able to translate all the content, preserving technical terms and specifications from the source content.


Technical translation is also present in social sciences. Law is among the segments that most look for translation services.

The use of technical translation service can help in many ways, such as in findings of new concepts in the interpretation of older laws, and even in different approaches on themes that are already known.

That is, the scientific translation in Law may help in the judgement in different cases, and may be useful in a future case law, for example.


As in medicine, the chemical segment goes through various changes worldwide. Due to this, the technical translation service becomes extremely important to bring news.

Additionally, as it relates to nursery, biology, physics, engineering and other segments, the chemical area frequently requests technical translation services, influencing, thus, several branches within science and knowledge.

Technical translation: essential in many segments.

Once you better learn about technical translation and its application to different segments, it is easier to understand the importance of linguistic services and their influence in society.

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