Simultaneous interpreting equipment: what is it?

            Equipment for simultaneous interpreting is considered essential for the organization of large international events. It serves as a resource to enable all participants to understand what is being said. In addition to the use of interpreters, the equipment is an excellent way to establish good communication.

            It is used mainly in talks, conferences, seminars, and other places with large gathering of people. So, equipment for simultaneous interpreting allow the transmission of messages to a translator with excellent quality. In this post, we will discuss the main means used for this and the importance of these devices.

Key equipment for simultaneous interpreting

            In events, it is crucial to listen clearly to what is being said. This is possible only with good equipment for simultaneous interpreting. The interpreter’s central and PA system are fundamental. Check the main devices below:

Portable transmitter

            The portable transmitter is ideal to perform mobile simultaneous interpreting. The noises of a large place may disturb communication. Due to this, this device, with a good receiver, facilitates the transmission of messages. So, it prevents too much effort just to be able to listen.


            It is a type of portable and wireless device for simultaneous interpreting. Due to its technology, it makes it possible to listen to up to five different languages. So, they may be heard with no interference and with stereo quality.

PA system

            The PA system consists basically of good speakers. These devices, when accompanied by high power amplifiers, allow an excellent reach. With the PA system, there is also the need to use a mixing desk. This is because it allows the adjustment of the audio to what is needed in each specific event.

            Microphones are also included in the PA system. They mix audio in various models and with different types of channel. Thus, they adapt to the demands of each type of event. They are found in a wide variety of brands to choose from.

Interpreter’s central

            The interpreter’s central is the most important equipment for simultaneous interpreting. It will ensure an adequate volume, intensity, clarity and quality in events.  Also known as sound booth, it may meet various demands, in places with large or small structure.

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What are the advantages in using them?

            Among the various advantages of using simultaneous interpreting devices, we highlight the convenience. With them, the audience is free to move around the event with clear access to the main audio. That is, no information will be lost in case the participants are distant from the stage or podium.

            This equipment replaces the old one, which demanded much more effort to be installed. Currently, simultaneous interpreting may be performed without any difficulty and with very few cables. It reduces the logistics procedures and brings much more convenience to organizers.

            Access to this type of mechanism for communication is also very easy. You just need to contact a good translation company, with qualifications and good market experience. So, you will be able to hire its services, or even find an interpreter to work in your event.

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