Version and translation: know the differences between them

            Despite being in the dictionary as synonyms, version and translation have very different meanings. And this happens mainly in translation services, where functions are very distinct. After all, both may completely change the interpretation of a term.

            Many people confound the functions attributed to version and translation. But, in general terms, we may say that the first is related to a more subjective sense. While the other is completely aimed at the objective. In this post, you will be able to better understand the differences between these two words.

What are version and translation for?

            As we previously said, the words version and translation are synonyms in the Portuguese language. Therefore, the word “translation” means “version of a language to other”. As for the word “version”, it is the same as “translation of a text from one language to the other”. Do you see how they are similar?

            Thus, these meanings may cause a huge confusion for translators who offer their services. This is because they have not only different costs, but different purposes too. Translation, for example, is used when you wish to convert a text from a foreign language to native language.

            Meanwhile, version has a totally opposite proposal. It allows the conversion from native language to a foreign one. In this case, as we said before, there is a lot of subjectivity. After all, it brings just one of the many interpretations on the subject.

Main differences between the services

            In addition to what we said above, there are other differences that make version and translation different. And the main one is how they are executed. Translation, for example, demands much more than just the knowledge of languages. The observation of the ideas of the text, the syntax and paragraph building is also required.

Translation requires the maintenance of the original concept of the text. And, for this, converting the words from a language to another is very superficial. It required objectivity and the mastery of the language in order to be able to find synonyms and expressions that refer to the original phrase. This is already very different from what version does.

            So you can understand version better, you only have to imagine a poem. It is very difficult to translate it completely, isn’t it? So, the best thing to do is to create a version in another language, with interpretations that were taken from it.

            Now that you know the main differences between version and translation, it is time to know where you may find these services! With Brazil Translations, you will be able to count on qualified and prepared professionals to meet your needs. Access our website to know more about our work.            

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