Sworn translator: know more about this service

Translation services are increasingly present in our daily lives, such as in subtitled films, simultaneous translation of events and translation in sign language. In order to execute this service that is more and more essential, a professional is required: the translator.

Among the several types of translators, without doubt the sworn translator is one of the most important, especially in the legal aspect.

So we can better understand the role and importance of a good sworn translator, first it is essential to know the service they offer.

What is sworn translation?

Also known as public translation, sworn translation is used to translate documents in foreign languages, in a way they are legally valid in Brazil.

That is, no document, such as certificates, contracts, power of attorney and academic documents, for example, has legal validity if it is not accompanied by a sworn translation of the entire content.

The role of the sworn translator is, then, to translate exactly the content of the document, so, with this, it may have legal value, according to Decree No. 13.609 (of October 21, 1943, chapter III, article 18).

What does the Decree No. 13.609 say?

According to the law, “No book, document or paper of any nature that is recorded in a foreign language, will have effect in departments of the Government, under any instance, Tribunal or Court or entities managed, inspected or guided by the public authorities, without being accompanied by its respective translation made according to this regulation”.

The importance of a good sworn translator.

The Public Translator and Commercial Interpreter, official term to designate a sworn translator, shall be, obviously, qualified in one or more foreign languages and Portuguese.

Tradutor juramentado: conheça mais sobre esse profissional

In order to officially work as sworn translator, the professional shall be nominated and registered in the Trade Board of their state of residence, after approval in a competitive exam.

It is important to note that it is also the role of the sworn translator to work as interpreter in court, in registry offices and other places where official interpretation is required.

Also worth mentioning that, currently, only individuals may be sworn translators.

Therefore, if you want to translate documents, you must have in mind that only the sworn translation is officially recognized by public institutions and bodies in Brazil, valid as an official document.

Where to find sworn translators?

In addition to professionals that operate in their own offices, it is recommended, for more convenience, to look for a sworn translator in companies that provide translation services in different languages.

The safety and peace of mind in hiring a sworn translator with a specialist and experienced company is always very important in the moment of choosing a professional. Besides, counting on the support of a company helps to ensure the quality of the work developed by the professional.

After all, professionals that are qualified to do sworn translation go through tests and interviews to work at translation companies. This selection process ensures that the chosen company has the conditions to choose a qualified professional to perform the contracted service.

Brazil Translations, for example, operates for more than 15 years with translation, providing a number of services, including sworn translation.

Now that you are more familiar with the importance and work of a good sworn translator, it is easier to understand the role of this professional in the daily life.

To read more content like this, stay tuned on our Brazil Translations blog. See you next time!

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