Scientific translation is indispensable during the pandemic

            Scientific translation has become a service of utmost importance since the new coronavirus spread worldwide. And this is due to the fact that, at every moment, new research is published on the theme. So, it is indispensable that scientists and scholars from all countries have access to updates.

Institutions, organizations and universities are working to provide platforms with research in several languages. With this, they aim to promote information for an even larger audience on the pandemic that we are experiencing. In today’s post, we will cover the relation of scientific translation in this context. Check it out!

What is the reason for scientific translation being highlighted?

            In times of pandemic like the new coronavirus one, a number of research to investigate the disease emerges. With this, scientists from around the globe get involved in findings and assumptions about the theme. But, in order to access all of them, scientific translation is needed.

            This is one of the main reasons for this service to have gained so much importance during this moment. By reaching the largest number of interested people, an exchange of information is promoted and it is possible to achieve new findings on the theme.

            So, scientific translation aims to translate research to several languages. Currently, the demand is even higher. And this means that there are countless individuals in several locations in the world willing to contribute to a cure.

Initiatives that are being taken due to Covid-19

            In response to that, various initiatives have been taken in the field of scientific translation. As an example, the Medicine program of the Federal University of Paraná published the translation of the main research on coronavirus. With this, they aim to encourage the dissemination of correct information about the topic.

            Following this same attitude, Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz) also offered links to access health information. Among them, they highlight Arca institutional repository, Fiocruz’s Periodical Portal and the Virtual Health Library. And all these portals count on important research that used scientific translation to reach the audience.

            Finally, the Federal University of Bahia is also performing an important role in this pandemic. That is because their Languages students created a scientific translation project focused particularly on Covid-19. With this, they are translating the main articles and research so these may disseminate and inform the population.

            Actions such as these are just some examples of the greatness that scientific translation has in moments like this. After all, it became the mouthpiece for researchers for around the globe who wish to share their findings. And, with it, it’s possible to keep whole societies well informed about the prevention and fight against the new coronavirus.

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