Productivity while working from home: check some tips to maintain it

Produtividade no home office: confira dicas para mantê-la

The productivity while working from home became a widely discussed matter in recent weeks. This is due to the new coronavirus crisis, which led several workers to be forced to adapt to the new reality. So, even those that were barely familiar with work from home had to reinvent themselves in this pandemic.

            However, it is not always easy to be productive while working from home with so many concerns and a new routine. This means finding new ways of performing tasks and meeting deadlines. Also, you need to adapt a work space for you. With so many doubts, we gathered the main tips so you can work from home.

Productivity while working from home with organized times

            The main starting point to be productive while working from home is to keep organized times. This means having a schedule for commitments, marking the ones with highest priority. Moreover, it is important to respect your time. That is, having a moment for rest and a meal.

            If you live alone, there is a number of restaurants offering delivery during this pandemic. But, for those who enjoy cooking, it is possible to plan in the day before so the food may be prepared. With organization, your working hours will not be affected. Also, don’t forget to have a good breakfast!

            With this new reality, it is also worth it to adjust your times. The time spent in public transport, for example, may be spent on doing physical activities or reading. So, it is possible to have new habits that improve your productivity while working from home.

Avoid distractions and establish rules for working at home

            It is essential to establish some rules and have control over the distractions while working from home. If you share the home with others, the sound of television, radio or songs may be a hassle. Also, spending too much time on social networks is a great enemy of productivity while working from home.

            Another important point is not to involve personal issues during working hours. This means that those who live with need must understand that this time is reserved for work. That is, you are not able to perform other parallel activities at this moment.

Produtividade no home office: confira dicas para mantê-la

Have a place to work every day

            It is very important to have a place to work, in order to maintain your productivity while working from home. This is a way to make you associate the place with concentration and focus. This excludes the possibility of places such as the sofa or the bed. For a good performance, choose a chair and a desk.

            Also, it is ideal to ensure that this place will be comfortable. After all, this is where you will spend most of your day. So, choose a chair where you are able to completely lean your back. Also look to keep an adequate posture and, whenever possible, take some time to stretch.

            Finally, don’t forget to play a good playlist  ! The productivity while working from home has a lot to do with being relaxed and prepared. So, play the songs that you enjoy to help with concentration. Also do not forget to take some breaks to rest. Drinking some coffee and stretching the legs is very welcome!

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