General translation helps in the daily activities

Produtividade no home office: confira dicas para mantê-la

General translation is a service that encompasses documents, articles, websites, emails, texts, songs and many other types of content. It is used for more regular purposes, such as personal or routine use. In these cases, sometimes our knowledge of a language may not be enough. So it is necessary to look for appropriate professionals.

            There are many people who, for texts with a low level of difficulty, use online translation mechanisms, such as Google Translate. However, these tools not always have a complete vocabulary. So they end up bringing wrong meanings to some words. In this post, we will say why general translation with professionals is so important and how it is performed.

What is general translation for?

            General translation is used in routine works written in other languages. With this service, it is possible that you may find the words that better fit the message to be communicated. Also, it allows to explore the synonyms and expressions of the target language.

            When it is performed with the help of a translation company, it may also be followed by professionals with knowledge in the area. So, they will provide guidance on the best way to bring coherence to the text. Additionally, they will consult with you on potential improvements and adjustments, according to the result that you expect.

            There are some elements that may confound when you use general translation. However, it may be easily identified if we take into consideration the content that is considered informal. So, its function is to translate excerpts of texts or whole books, resumes, recipes, letters, among other content with which we deal on a daily basis.

Tradução simples auxilia nas atividades diárias

How this type of translation is performed

            For a general translation, the most recommended thing to do is to contract a specialist company. In that way, it is possible to prepare a quote for this work, considering several relevant factors. Among them, the quantity of words in the text, the urgency with delivery deadlines, and the languages to be used are important points.

            Once these points are defined, the company will allocate a professional with multiple knowledge in various topics to support you. With that, you will have someone who understands not only the languages, but also the specific terminology in the topic related to your text.

            It is important to remember that you must be aware if your text requires a sworn translation. This is because no type of text, book or paper that was written in foreign language may be transcribed without a sworn translation. So check what is the purpose before requesting a general translation.

Difference between general translation and version

            A very common question among customers who wish to request translation services is about the difference between general and version. General translation is used to deal with texts in foreign language, which will be translated to the original language. In the case of version, translation goes the opposite way. The process consists in converting the text in local language to a foreign language.

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