Literal translation of the map of Brazil: check the result!

Tradução literal do mapa do Brasil: confira como ficou!

In order to better understand language of Brazil, the literal translation of the map of Brazil was performed by the American website MoveHub. So, the states of our country were translated in a totally literal manner to English. And, to have a more dynamic reading, they put all this information in a colorful and instructive map.

            When questioned about this work, the website stated that had all the translation from tupi-guarani to English language. Due to this, we are able to see many controversial names in this map. In today’s post, we will discuss a little bit about the result of this literal translation of the map of Brazil. Check it out!

What is the reason for the literal translation of this map?

            For curiosity, Americans at MoveHub decided to translate the entire map of Brazil to English. This was because they wanted to find out the meaning of each of the names of our states. However, because they come from tupi-guarani, some words ended up causing disagreement.

            According to its own publication, “many of these translations are subject to dispute, however, they should reflect the general consensus”. Especially in the cases of Amapá, Maranhão, Acre, Ceará, Pernambuco, Goiás and Rio de Janeiro, there were many different interpretations. See below how the map ended up:

Tradução literal do mapa do Brasil: confira como ficou!

We also made a list for you with the names of our states, in case they were translated directly to English:

  • Acre – Green River
  • Alagoas – Lakes
  • Amapá – Place of Rain
  • Amazonas – The Amazons
  • Bahia – Bay
  • Ceará – Green Waters
  • Espírito Santo – Holy Spirit
  • Goiás – People of Guaiá
  • Maranhão – Amazon River
  • Mato Grosso – Thick Bushes
  • Mato Grosso do Sul – Thick Bushes of the South
  • Minas Gerais – General Mines
  • Pará – Sea
  • Paraíba – Bad for Navigation
  • Paraná – River
  • Pernambuco – Long Sea
  • Piauí – Piaba Fish River
  • Rio de Janeiro – River of January
  • Rio Grande do Norte – Great Northern River
  • Rio Grande do Sul – Great Southern River
  • Rondônia – Land of Rondon
  • Roraima – Green Peak
  • Santa Catarina – Saint Catherine
  • São Paulo – Saint Paul
  • Sergipe – River of Crabs
  • Tocantins – Toucan`s Beak

            So, what do you think about these translations? Tell us what you think here in our comments section! To keep receiving tips and news on the world of translation, follow our posts here on the blog.

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