Translation technologies change the way of communicating

Tecnologias da tradução mudam a forma de comunicar

Technology has been influencing all areas in our life for some time. And this couldn’t be different with translation. Currently, we see more and more the emergence of new tools to optimize this process. And one of the main ones uses artificial intelligence.

            Does this mean that translation by humans may not be necessary anymore? Not exactly. But in some cases, machines may help a lot in this process, despite some controversies. In order to understand this better, today’s post will discuss translation technologies and how they are modernizing the way we communicate.

What are translation technologies?

            Contrary to what you may think, translation technologies are not Google Translate and alike. In fact, today we will cover artificial intelligence and what it has been doing to assist communication. After all, it is considered a trend for the future.

            Artificial intelligence has been increasingly implemented to solve simultaneous interpreting issues. That is, when you need an immediate communication and there are no translators around. So, it has been possible to lift the barriers of dialogue between different languages.

            This functionality may be loaded via mobile phones. And, with this, it allows choosing a language and automatically translating it. So individuals from different locations may be understood with no difficulty. However, these translation technologies need much evolution.

Tecnologias da tradução mudam a forma de comunicar

Advantages and disadvantages of this way of translating

            If, on one hand, translation technologies make everything automated, on the other they may be less precise. After all, languages are extremely complex. All the time we are using slangs, expressions and pronunciation that may be difficult to be identified by machines.

            Also, it is impossible to teach all the details of a language to translation technologies. And, more than that, the application of each one of them. So, artificial intelligence is currently a good options when there are no translators in the place. That is, it is practical for immediate use.

            In order to fully function, the technology should adjust to our way of communicating. So, we would have to give up using some expressions to be understood by machines. At the same time, this could make us much more connected with the rest of the world. Complex, isn’t it?

            Now that you know how translation technologies may change our way of communication, we leave the reflection on this theme with you! And, in case you need services with translators, you may count on us here at Brazil Translations. Access our website to know more about our services.

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