Audio and video transcription and its importance to events

Audio and video transcription in other languages is an important work for various segments. This is because it is through it that people from different locations are able to have access to the same content. So it is also possible to record everything that was said in an event, for example, in text format.

            Even if it is not a widely known service, it brings significant assistance for a number of situations. In general, it is requested in lectures, conferences and meetings of distinctive importance. In this post, we will discuss the importance of the role of audio and video transcription and how it works.

What is audio and video transcription?

            The audio and video transcription service aims to transcribe everything that was said in the two types of recording. As previously mentioned, they may be recordings of presentations, lectures and even songs. This way, it is possible to keep the content exactly as what was recorded.

            It demands not only the knowledge of different languages, but also the mastery of converting the verbal content to written form. In general, this means that the translator shall transmit the same ideas, but adapting them to written form. This also includes eliminating pronunciation and speech mistakes.

            At times, audio and video transcription may be easily confounded with subtitling. However, it is important to emphasize that they are services with different processes. This is due to subtitling allowing adaptations of words and expressions. As for transcription, it requires the maintenance of as much similarity as possible to the original content.

Transcrição de áudio e vídeo e a sua importância para eventos

The relevance of this type of service

            The audio and video transcription has become a service increasingly relevant in the market. This is because, with time, there are new ways of consuming content. It is an important process, for example, so we have better results in search engines like Google. To understand why:

            Many people who search for video or audio would like to have their content in writing. This happens because, sometimes, it is more practical to read them and find the main information than watching them in full. In the case of podcasts, this practice has been more and more disseminated and applied.

            Transcribing audio and video of events and lectures also allows those to become posts on blogs later. Thus, it is possible to summarize the main points of the event. With this, it is also possible to boost the traffic of your website and ensure even more access to your content.

            As evidence of the popularity of this service, a research by Comscore stated that around 50% of all studies will be made by voice in the next years. A second research, by Gartner, adds that 30% of the searches will not use a screen by 2020. So, this service is directly linked to the voice search trend.

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