How to obtain dual citizenship?

Certainly Brazil is a country founded on the mix of races, in the union of diverse people and ethnicities. This diversity makes our country unique, diverse and culturally rich. Obviously, as we are a mixed country, it is very usual to know how to obtain dual citizenship, as a significant part of the population has family that originated from other countries, for example.

Como obter dupla cidadania?

It is important to know that dual citizenship is essential for those who wish especially to work, live or study without a visa in other countries.

That is, with a dual nationality, the entry and stay in other countries is much simpler, especially if compared to a Brazilian citizen that doesn’t have it.

In Brazil, dual citizenship is considered legal by the Federal Constitution, being allowed for every Brazilian citizen. However, some important requirements have to be met in order to obtain it.

It is possible to request dual citizenship in four different ways: naturalization, citizenship by investment, blood right and marriage.

Dual citizenship by naturalization

The dual citizenship may be obtained by naturalization. This process is only possible if a citizen already lives in a certain country.

Therefore, it is possible to request dual nationality when a person becomes resident in a country after a certain time. 

This waiting time varies according to the country where the person lives. Some nations demand three years; others, however, allow dual citizenship just after at least a decade as resident.

Dual citizenship by investment

Other way to obtain dual citizenship is through investments. This is, certainly, the easiest way, but also the most expensive.

Also known as Citizenship by Investment Program, this method basically offers dual nationality with an investment in real estate or certain funds, varying according to the local government.

Countries such as Singapore, Latvia, Portugal, Bulgaria, Switzerland and Andorra are among the governments that make it possible to obtain dual citizenship through this program.

Dual citizenship by marriage

The dual citizenship by marriage is obviously possible with the marriage with foreign citizens.

After some years of marriage, it will be possible to apply to dual citizenship with the local government. Again, the period varies depending on the country. However, on average, after three years of marriage, it is possible to obtain dual citizenship.

Dual citizenship by blood right

Dual nationality by jus sanguinis (blood right) is among the most common ways to obtain this document.

If a Brazilian citizen has family links with citizens from other countries (great-grandchild, grandchild and child), certainly a dual citizenship may be requested.

However, you must be aware to the laws of each government, as countries like Portugal, Spain and Italy have different criteria for recognition of the citizenship.

Como obter dupla cidadania?

In order to have, for example, your Italian citizenship recognized, you must descend from Italian women whose children were born from 01/01/1948, as well as their respective descendants.

In Spain, in addition to the family link, you must live at least for a year in the country. As for Portugal, according to the Consulate-General of Portugal in São Paulo, “Children of Portuguese citizens, as well as their grandchildren, spouses and partners, and descendants of Portuguese Sephardi Jews, have the right to request Portuguese nationality.

After all, how to obtain dual citizenship by blood right?

In order to obtain dual citizenship by blood right, the first thing to do is to gather the maximum information possible about your family and relatives.

Among the most requested documents are the Negative Naturalization Certificate (CNN) issued by the Ministry of Justice, Birth certificate of the applicant; Marriage certificate; Death certificate and Birth certificate of the naturalized descendent.

Knowing how to obtain dual citizenship is easier

Now that you know the main requirements to apply to dual citizenship, it is easier to obtain such an important document.

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