How can social media help translation services?

Social media has gained an increasingly influential role in our lives. And this is due, above all, to the globalized world where we live. So, both internet and networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter are helping companies to take over the global market.

            But, to make this possible, they need the help of translation services. After all, in order to have an audience of global reach, you need to be understood, right? So, in today’s post, we will show how social media are currently helping the work of translators.

The reach of social media in a globalized world

            Being connected to social media all day is already a reality all around the world. That is, we are always looking to update the networks are check news when there is time. So, they have been explored by companies who wish to attract more customers.

            In Brazil alone, it is estimated that people spend at least 3h30 online in social media. These data were obtained from the report Digital in 2019, from the website We Are Social. So, many business owners see this as a fertile environment to grow the number of consumers. And they look to consolidate themselves in this market through new digital ideas.

How social media can help translators?

            One of the main reasons for us to say that social media help translation services is their versatility. One example is Facebook, which provides more than 70 options of different languages to be used. And it is currently the main media on the planet, with more than 2 billion active users in the world.

            Following Facebook, we may also mention WordPress. Although it is a proposition for blogs, it is the most popular publication means on the internet. And it is used in more than 26% of all the websites worldwide. So, it is present on around 60 million websites.

Como as mídias sociais podem ajudar serviços de tradução?

However, there are those who say that slangs may make the work of becoming an international medium more difficult. And that is where the importance of good translation services emerges! This is because only translators fully master the terms and concepts in each of the languages.

            So, translators are essential to know the perfect adjustment of the language to each different population. They are also able to master the way how social media translate the lexicon. And, finally, they help to make the sentences more natural, something that has a great weight in the final content.

            The freedom with which social media operate is also an important point for translation services. After all, there is no need for an extremely formal language on these media. So, there is just the need to formulate sentences with meaning, which are interesting and attract the target audience. Much easier, no?

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