Coronavirus and global communication

Learn more about the impact of coronavirus in the global communication 

With the arrival of the pandemic caused by the new coronavirus, people had to adapt to this new reality or, as many say, the “new normal”.

Coronavirus affected different areas and sectors, both in social and corporate environments. Obviously, this couldn’t be different with translation.

Global communication, whether internal or external, naturally went through changes, as, due to the pandemic, a new way of communicating was necessary. Distance communication, currently, went from being an alternative to an almost mandatory reality.

In the business world, this adaptation is even more present, as there aren’t in-person meetings as before, there aren’t such high investments anymore, among other examples.

This scenario will hardly change in the short/medium term. Experts in the epidemiological area even believe that the situation will improve only by the end of 2020. According to these same professionals, the crisis caused by the coronavirus will only be completely controlled by the end of 2021, when a vaccine is created and its distribution reaches most of the population. 

So, it is extremely necessary to adapt to this new reality, developing strategies and plans for crisis management. With this in mind, we bring some important topics that show how this new reality affected companies.

Global communication and translation

Coronavírus e a comunicação global

The translation sector is increasingly necessary in the midst of the coronavirus crisis. With the issues in global communication and in the business of many companies, services related to translation are more and more present.

As they are performed by distance, services of simultaneous and consecutive interpreting, audio and video transcription and scientific translation have an important role in such a complicated scenario as the current one.

The way that companies do business and work has adjusted to the “new normal”, and find in translation services a great ally.

Global communication and the search for new partners/customers

Not all sectors are able to maintain their activities normally. So, for most companies, with the coronavirus crisis, it has become more complicated to obtain new contracts, partners and customers.

In the midst of a delicate moment such as this one, companies must reassess their modus operandi, in such a way as to create new approaches, adapting to the new reality of the market.

So, one of the best options for this recovery is to identify how your company may be useful to your target audience.

Whatever is within reach should be considered, as well as changes, which should be welcomed. There is no reason to remain oblivious to what happens around the world. New approaches and alternatives are necessary.

Learn more about the coronavirus

On March 11, 2020, the WHO declared the emergence of the new coronavirus as a pandemic. An infectious disease, especially the virus, with a quick transmission, reaches this pandemic level as a great number of people are infected worldwide. 

As it is a new virus, there is no vaccine, so prevention is the only way to avoid it spreading. The use of masks and frequent hygiene of hands and personal belonging are among the most efficient methods to prevent the spread.

Currently, nearly 11 million people all around the world were infected by this virus, leading to more than 500,000 deaths.

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