What is technical translation?

Tradução simples auxilia nas atividades diárias

The technical translation may be confounded with general translation. Both are somewhat related and have very similar elements. However, we may differentiate them by the context in which the content is. The first is used in guides and packaging inserts, while general translation (or free translation) is used in a more informal content, such as fiction and recipe books, letters and resumes.

Technical translation requires deep knowledge of the context of an article and the semantics of the concepts that are used. The translator assesses the context and also the transformations of the language that are common in an language and different from others. In the same way that the grammar structure of a sentence may be different.

For example, technical translators receive a request for services such as: translation of guides, instructions and manuals. Scientific and technical translation are closely related, however, the language of science is universal and the technical concepts are much more specific.

A mistake in the technical translation may have severe consequences, resulting in a complete change of meaning of an expression. The literal interpretation is not synonym of technical translation. Much more attention shall be paid to the translated text, but also respecting the original meaning.

The correct terminology and an appropriate context shall be applied so the meaning of a text has good quality from the information perspective and to facilitate reading comprehension.

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