Video subtitling is the new trend on the internet

Video subtitling has become an essential mechanism in communication. According to a survey made by Google, video consumption grew by 165% in Brazil in the last five years. This data shows how translating content with visual resources is increasingly necessary.

            The explosion of social networks has also transformed videos in the main information channel. Instagram’s IGTV, for example, is evidence of that. So, subtitling has become a mandatory item for any type of content. In this post, we will discuss video subtitling and why it has become so important.

Why should I have subtitle videos?

            According to study by Digiday, 85% of the videos on Facebook are watched with no sound on. With this data, we can consider subtitling as indispensable nowadays. If your video does not have subtitles and it is not very well explained in images, the chances are that it won’t be watched.

            Despite the absence of sound, video subtitling allows messages to be transmitted without restrictions. It also makes it easier to be recognized by search engines, such as Google. This is crucial, when you consider the new SEO techniques being used.

            Another reason to subtitle videos is the fact that it brings more credibility to your visual production. For this reason, it has been a frequent choice in publicity campaigns and ads. They are even on social networks, in institutional videos or even entertainment.

When to choose subtitling your videos

            Subtitles may be applied to any type of video. They may be present on TV, movies and social network videos. Currently, the largest disseminators of this tool are Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Video subtitling is the perfect mechanism to engage the audience, especially those who don’t speak the same language as the one in the video.

            Audiovisual resources have increasingly been implemented in marketing strategies. That is why they are able to bring great results. It is believed that up to 70% of the commercial videos are disseminated by customers. So, it is worth it investing in a subtitled visual production for your brand and/or business.

            Video subtitling shall be prioritized always, especially in regards to accessibility. After all, those with hearing impairment are not able to listen voiceovers or sound effects. For this reason, have all your audience in mind before producing audiovisual content. With subtitles, it may be accessible to everyone.

Legendagem de vídeo é a nova tendência da internet

Where to find video subtitling?

            There are companies that are specialists in video subtitling, regardless of the topic. These are the translation companies, working to find the best content solution for the customers. Also, they have professionals that are specialized in each area of knowledge, in order to bring the best approach to the theme.

            Translation companies work with video subtitling in a preestablished timeframe, delivering it quickly. They also allow you to follow the whole creative process, as well as give your input on the best subtitling format. So, a specialist service like this is recommended to assist you.

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