tradução juramentada

Sworn Translations

The public/sworn translation is provided by a public translator/commercial interpreter, qualified in one or more foreign languages and Portuguese. In Brazil, only the sworn translation is officially recognized by public institutions, as a legal document.

tradução científica

Scientific Translations

We count on specialized translators in several fields of science, able to translate the specific terminology in these areas.

tradução libras

Brazilian Sign Language Translations

We have professionals qualified to interpret or translate messages in Brazilian Sign Language [Libras], aiming at communication understanding as a whole.

Interpretação simultanea

Simultaneous Translations

The simultaneous translation is provided by an interpreter in the contracted language; this service can be used in events and seminars with a small or large audience. Simultaneous translation is aided by sound and translation equipment.

Brazil Translations

Consecutive Interpretation

The consecutive interpretation is the best solution for accurate following and understanding of all the details in a conversation. We provide professionals with a specialized knowledge and broad vocabulary in several areas.

Brazil Translations

Audio and Video Transcription

De-recording or audio and video transcription is also part of our portfolio of services. We transcribe information recorded on digital or analog media.

Brazil Translations

Video Captioning

We caption videos in all formats (dvd, .mp4, .wmv, .avi, .mov, etc.), in several languages.

Brazil Translations

Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment Rental

Brazil Translations provides the equipment required for a perfect simultaneous translation, as well as the right professionals for conducting and managing the event.

Brazil Translations

Apostilamento – Apostille de La Haye

The Hague Convention of October 8, 1961 is an international convention which purpose is to simplify the notarization process of documents to be used abroad.

Brazil Translations carries out the annotation before the Notary Public for you.

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