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Brazil Translations & Solutions:
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Who We Are:

BRAZIL TRANSLATIONS & SOLUTIONS is an acknowledged global provider of communication and translation services in different languages, headquartered in São Paulo with office in Rio de Janeiro.

For over 15 years, the company has stood out in the delivery of linguistic solutions, translation project management, and selection of professionals for simultaneous or consecutive interpretation services.

Its services include Sworn, Commercial, Scientific, Simultaneous, Consecutive and Brazilian Sign Language translations and interpretations, in all market segments.

Certified with the ISO 9001:2015 standard, Brazil Translations has as utmost concern the quality of the work delivered to its selected portfolio of clients, operating with a team of over 150 professionals with experience in more than 30 languages, ensuring agility, precision, versatility, confidentiality, and the best deadlines and cost-benefit ratio.


Our mission is to serve the clients within the limits of the law and our values, offering them equitable and honest treatment in every transaction, providing the language services that fall under our competence with the highest quality, contributing to the development of our clients, Brazil and the countries where we operate.


Be the best global translation company. Generate economic and social value through the management of an innovative and efficient business model with highly qualified employees.


We have values such as integrity, honesty, compliance with the Law and respect for people, institutions and companies, with the goal of accepting great challenges and the responsibility for the quality service and the agreed deadline with the client. Among us, working with passion, loyalty and trust are foundations to strengthen the ties with our clients, employees and suppliers. We are determined to identify and satisfy the needs of our clients, always seeking to obtain their preference through innovative and quality solutions.

Faced with the diversity and the need for inclusion that we see in our society, we seek to attract diverse talents, for whom we assign the same rights and opportunities. Brazil Translations believes that employment is exclusively a matter of individual merit and respect for the diversity of personal attributes, and the qualification is directly related to professional competence. We strictly prohibit discrimination or any other characteristics protected by law.

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